Bar catering

Off-site bar organization on your events

Bar catering is

Bar catering

Bar catering is our company’s service which includes bar organization in any place and  any time. Off-site bar is relevant for an official reception, a business meeting or a corporate party. We will organize a bar for you in any location. We will decorate bar stands according to the topic of your event. Also we will create a unique proposal for you depending on your requests.  In relation to the format of the event we can organize the following bar-types:

-with classical alcoholic cocktails;  

- with non-alcoholic cocktails;  

- tea or coffee bars;

- warming up drinks bars;

- organic bars;

- also we can facilitate master-classes for your guests or clients, using the selected brand upon your request.

Menu can be varied with fruit and other snacks. In our offers we integrated  the world-wide bar-catering experience in order to successfully single you out among your competitors, to improve your image and to leave the best memories for your guests. Contact our manager to learn more about special aspects of organization.

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Who are clients of the service?
DuPont Pioneer company is our loyal client for several years. It orders different kinds of events. This time our team facilitated reception in Eco-style for personnel and guests of the company and also held a master-class on organic-cocktails making. As usual, the main inspiration we got from the positive feedback and smiles of the guests of this event!
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