Sweet pancakes Box

Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
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Sweet thin pancakes with honey, sour cream and raspberry jam

Carnival goes to us! We have already taken care of the delicious pancakes week and prepared boxes for you with pancakes for every taste. Take them with you on a holiday picnic, please your family at home or celebrate Shrovetide with colleagues in the office!

IngredientsPancakes - 1500 gr. (35-40 pcs.)

Sour cream - 180 gr.

Honey - 270 gr.

Raspberry custard - 200 gr.

Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
Price 920.00 grn.
в корзину

Minimum: 1


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