Canape box №8

Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
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Assorted snacks of Finger-food style or canapes will be an ideal solution for buffet events. Light, elegant or nourishing, always convenient in use - this is an alternative to long-bored pizza at home parties and is almost a must-have at business events and presentations.
IngredientsParmesan basket with frieze salad and raw beef under truffle oil; Hammon with pear Duchess; Spicy basturma with goat cheese; Canape with ham, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes; Jamon with figs on a bamboo skewer.

Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
Минимум продаж в корзине: 1
Price 1,100.00 grn.
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Minimum: 1


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38 грн.

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